“Glitter Voice”

– Rolling Stone

Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Nine June adorns living and breathing alternative pop soundscapes with keen observations, earned wisdom, and arresting storytelling gleaned from her journey and grafted to the songs practically in real-time. With the help of a few special collaborators, Nina explores herself as an artist, as a woman, and as a mother on her 2024 collection of songs, Paradigm, out now.

“This is a different phase in my life,” Nina observes. “I’ve developed as a woman, so I’ve developed as an artist too. I feel very at peace with my music and, maybe, with myself as a storyteller. All of the noise is gone. I’ve become more mature, and I’ve added more layers to who I am as a writer, a performer, and a person.”

While pregnant with her son, Nina chose a different approach for this collection of songs. This time around, she collaborated with a handful of artists who she respected.

“I tried to tune into the musical landscapes of my collaborators,” she says. “After my son was born, there was another new dynamic as well. For the first time, I was craving a moment to myself, and I wrote some songs on my own too. The whole process was unique and inspiring for me.”

These collaborations include the dreamy “Wish You Well” featuring Old Sea Brigade, the icy yet delicate “Your Surrender” featuring Emily James, and the warm and understated “Moon Over The Sun” featuring Joshua Hyslop.Paradigm also includes the haunting title track about forbidden love, and “Savannah,” which holds a special significant for Nina, who views it as an alternate reality of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

Nina June first introduced herself with Bon Voyage back in 2018 and was honored with her home country’s coveted Zilveren Notekraker—an award reserved for “Promising New Talent.” A year later, she expanded her audience with theShadows & Riddles EP in between touring worldwide and receiving major film and television syncs. During 2021, she reached critical mass with her sophomore album, Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin. Nina has garnered more than 42 million Spotify streams and counting, and she incited widespread tastemaker applause from American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine, MUNDANE, Under The Radar Magazine, Unpublished, and more. FLAUNT christened it “10 eloquent and artful arrangements,” while Rolling Stone (DE) took note of June’s “glitter voice.” Most recently, Nina received a golden award for the song “We Watched It All Come Down” from the Dutch Radio 2 program “Muziekcafe.”


T H E   P R E S S   A B O U T   N I N A   J U N E

“Glitter Voice”

– Rolling Stone

“As intensely beautiful as ‘Jeremiah Blue’ , with its grand vocal line and dramatic crescendo, we won’t often hear anything comparable again this year”

 – NRC

“A contemplative masterpiece”

 – Music Maker

“The 10-track album mixes eloquent strings, glistening keys, as well as airy guitars in an artful arrangement that highlights poignant songwriting that elevates her already impressive vocals

 – American Songwriter