Dutch born, Amsterdam-based Nine June is introducing herself to the world via Bon Voyage. The album, “about the hidden loneliness of our generation” is a smooth mix of lush electronics and organic songwriting that blends the ambience of artists like Massive Attack, Sam Smith, Carina Round, and Lisa Stansfield while maintaining it’s own unique feel throughout. Not an easy feat.

The centerpiece here (rightfully so) is June’s gorgeous voice. It’s rich, soulful, and feminine, capturing you in the feels without the need for aggressive parts or vocal noodling. “We Watched It All Come Down” is my favorite example of what she has to offer on Bon Voyage. Her voice plays beautifully off the layered electronics and sparse piano. Her voice commands the song, moving it forward thoughtfully. It has such an intimate feel to it that I absolutely love.

“Out To Sea” is another favorite of mine here. It’s world rhythm backbeat is a perfect compliment to the soulful vocal and the chorus has a big, important sounding vibe to it that I can’t get enough of. It reminds me a bit of Paula Cole musically, but Nina June’s voice is a lot smoother. “For Love” is another ultra-noteworthy moment on an album full of highlights. It has gentle piano and brass section that brings some deeper mellow to the piano-led singer/songwriter feel of the majority of the song. In contrast, “Keep on Moving” brings a groovier vibe to the album.

What I particularly love about Bon Voyage musically is how intricately, and well, that June blends the electronic and the organic. There are very few artists that I can enjoy that from and this album is maybe the best example I have found to date. For lack of a better way to say it, everything feels “real” here. If you are looking for music that is both artistic and thoughtful, then this should be in your collection.  Play it loud.

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