Debuting in 2016 with the stunningly affective track “For Love,” Amsterdam songstress Nina June has since racked up more than four million plays on Spotify. Impassioned and heartfelt, she forwards a particularly sultry, alluring brand of urbane pop, which calls to mind the likes of Massive Attack and Zero 7 – with lush electronics and sensual, seductive vocals. Her US debut album will be out next spring, produced in part by Tim Bran (London Grammar, Bloc Party).

In the meanwhile, her latest single is the impossibly, impractically romantic “Till Dawn,” which BlackBook premieres here. In it, she lyrically rhapsodizes, “Now that I have seen / It only takes a smile / The touch of a hand / Now I understand” over soaring strings and haunted piano. It manages to somehow be equally intimate and opulent.

“‘Till Dawn’ is about a forbidden love,” she reveals, “about a love that can only exist in the period between dusk and dawn. It’s about the rush, the dark side, but also about capturing the beauty of the moment. We tend to think in black and white, in right and wrong. But life is just not like that, it knows every possible shade of color.”

We, naturally, share her fascination with the more shaded areas of existence.

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