Amsterdam resident Nina June’s new track Till Dawn adds to her growing reputation as a talented and creative musician, whose ability to blend disparate influences in to a genre-defying whole sees her delivering a track as beautiful as When We Fall – a track we covered earlier this year. Check out Till Dawn below.

Till Dawn explores similar musical territory to When We Fall; though it starts with a sparse bass and vocal section, it undergoes a metamorphosis into another musically complex combination of electronica and strings.

There’s an infusion of guitar at times, but it serves to underscore the delicious electro-orchestral nature of the song. June’s vocals are rich and soothing, and the lyrics – especially the chorus – give the song the air of a lush romanticism, and are comparable to the likes of Agnes Obel and Ane Brun .

Speaking about Till Dawn, Nina June says it’s ‘about a love that can only exist in the period between dusk and dawn. It’s about a forbidden love, two people who can only express their feelings in a world parallel to reality. It’s about the rush, the dark side, but also about true love’.

The track’s inspiration came from an unlikely source, she adds, an OB6 analog synth her producer had acquired: “It’s always fun to have a new instrument because it inspires you to go down new places musically. Till Dawn again felt like the beginning of a new journey, within a bigger musical journey.”

Till Dawn is out now, streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify and will feature on her forthcoming global debut album, to be released by Ostereo (based in our home town!) which is due out March 16th, 2018.

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